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Palakkadan Matta Rice

Introducing our Palakkadan Matta Rice – a culinary delight that brings the rich heritage of Kerala's rice tradition to your plate. Grown in the heart of Palakkad, known as the "rice bowl of Kerala," our Matta Rice is a true embodiment of nutrition, taste, and tradition.


🌾 Authentic Heritage: Sourced from the fertile fields of Palakkad, our Matta Rice carries a legacy that spans generations. It's the same rice variety that has been cherished in Kerala households for its distinctive flavor and health benefits.


🌾 Distinctive Flavor:With its unique reddish-brown hue, our Palakkadan Matta Rice boasts a nutty aroma and earthy taste that's a testament to its natural cultivation and processing methods. Each grain is a burst of flavor that elevates your meals.


🌾 Nutrient-Rich: Packed with essential nutrients and fiber, Matta Rice is a wholesome choice for those who prioritize their health. Its natural goodness helps regulate digestion, promote heart health, and provide sustained energy levels.


🌾 Versatile Culinary Gem: Whether you're whipping up traditional Kerala delicacies like sadya or experimenting with global cuisines, our Palakkadan Matta Rice is the perfect canvas for culinary creativity. It's the ideal partner for everything from aromatic curries to comforting biryanis.


🌾 Sustainable Farming: Our commitment to sustainability and responsible farming practices shines through in every grain of Matta Rice. Grown with minimal intervention, this rice is free from harmful chemicals, ensuring that you savor nothing but the best.


Indulge in the wholesome goodness of Palakkadan Matta Rice and relish a taste of Kerala's culinary heritage. Elevate your meals with the richness of tradition and the nourishment of nature.

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